SHERO - Safety, Health and Environment Research Organization aims to develop research on the environment and health, always with the goal to improve the quality of life. These studies include basic and applied scientific aspects, with the integration of various knowledge areas. SHERO wants to work together to provide the region with a technical training and infrastructure for ongoing environmental monitoring, to ensure, permanently, to maintain quality of life of local fixed and floating.

SHERO tries to operate in the areas of Agronomy, Anthropology, green areas, Architecture, Watershed, Biology, Social Sciences, Computing, Development, Ecology, Ecotourism, Environmental Education, Engineering, Speech, Communication Environment, Geology, Environmental Management, Environmental Marketing, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Meteorology , Oceanography, Dentistry, Pollution, Fisheries, Chemical, Industrial and Urban Waste, Health, Social Responsibility, Sanitation, Public Health, Remote Sensing, in short in all areas of knowledge that could contribute to environmental preservation.

SHERO promotes monthly meetings in institutions of higher education or research, open to scientists, authorities, businesses, environmentalists and stakeholders in general, to discuss issues of environment and health and the contributions of scientific research in its solution.

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